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Sarah Mark received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Seattle Pacific University, where she majored in Clothing and Textiles and minored in art. She also received an Associates's Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for fashion design. She spent the first decade of her career in Los Angeles, CA, designing women's high fashion sportswear. Since moving to Detroit in 2012, she has expanded her love for fibers into new areas including fine art, installation, and clothing design. Her dedication to ethical design informs her work as she uses almost entirely repurposed materials.  

She has exhibited her work throughout Southeast Michigan at Live Coal Gallery, Scarab Club, Detroit Artists Market, and Sidewalk Festival.  She also enjoys collaborating with her husband, Billy Mark, who is a performance artist.  


She and Billy are deeply invested in their community and together they run the Neighborhood Arts House, dedicated to offering affordable arts programming to folks in their neighborhood.  Through the Neighborhood Arts House, Sarah founded Asmara Design, a fashion design education program dedicated to empowering young aspiring designers in Detroit.

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Billy Mark is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Detroit. He’s married to the Fiber Artist, Sarah Mark. His areas of exploration lately have been embodied poetics, experimental liturgies, site-specific music and poetry, and the creative and spiritual resources found in monasticism.

Creative Tithing Cohort

The creative tithing cohort is a small group of artists who have committed to support each other in the process of creative tithing. The cohort offers creative and spiritual accountability, advocates, and serves as an ongoing reminder that life extends far beyond our own work. At this point, we recommend that other people looking to creative tithe find a small group to grow with. We've been in this group together for years, and we are much the better for it.  We look forward to seeing how each of our fluid practices develop and how they can support our community over time.

Billy and Sarah Mark have been sources of inspiration and connection for us throughout our years in Detroit, both through their work and their "works".  Their presence, dedication, faith, and vulnerability,

their brilliant aesthetic sensibilities, and​ their warmth as humans inspire us to lean in to calling and bring our best selves to the table.  We are honored to collaborate, experiment, and share resources with them.

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