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Accepting tithes toward our practice creates more support and ease to create and offer our work joyfully. With funds to access for materials, some of the time we devote to our projects and a portion of our family's living expenses covered, we are able to share art freely, without the need to charge ticket fees, or compete with our colleagues for funding.

   Stefanie and Corey's

 Community of support


                 every month

Thank you for engaging in this social and spiritual experiment with us; for supporting our creative tithing community in championing one another’s artistic works and spiritual lives with love and respect, and through sharing resources. 

$20 supporters: 3/200


A creative tithe is when a community supports an artist's practice and the work made is given as a gift.

Theologically, we are interested in the spiritual aspects of tithing, which is to say the coming and going of creative and material resources: freeing ourselves from the fiction of ownership.  We are experimenting with that flow as a religious discipline.  All that moves through us and resources us is a gift from spirit.  Nothing begins or ends with us.

Corey — I want to be freed from talking about money more than I talk about art.  I would like to feel less burdened and anxious — making this into a practice of faith. Can my relationships to money and making art be like my prayer life?  To have the faith that as I do my work in the world I will be taken care of.  I will have enough.   For all of the parts of my life to be in direct relationship with God. 

Stefanie — At this point in my life I’m coming to see the consistent thread of my work as an artist throughout multiple roles that I play — as maker, educator, healing artist, mother, and cultural producer.  To see all of it as extensions of my life’s calling — the why of my being on the planet. Acknowledging the eco-system not only of the community of which I’m a part, but also among those roles themselves helps me to counter a model rooted in patriarchy that would have me devalue the rest in order to “perfect” one role and make it “successful”.  I simply want to feel resourced and supported to do what I’m here to do.

As tithers ourselves, giving 10% of our monthly income toward Billy and Sarah, our cohort, we feel firsthand the joy of adding loving water to their practices and projects — including to their family — and getting to watch them all grow.  We feel the delight of participation and interdependence.  We see the ripples extending through their sacred works into our community.



Money is one way to creative tithe. A montlhy gift of $20 is given to an artist's practice.


Collaborate on a work that is open to participation. There are often many ways to lend skills or presence to a project.


Space is often needed to rehearse, create, or show art. Or maybe you can facillitate a gathering to experience a piece, or provide a retreat space.


Maybe you already have the materials for a project that you can gift to the process. Or maybe you have materials that will inspire a project.


Light Box

“An old bank turned Baptist church turned artist-run space, the Light Box serves multiple functions. Local artists hold memberships and rehearse performances and incubate concepts, artists in residence live, work, and play in the space, educators teach classes that expand artistic voices and engage in skill-sharing, and the public is able to attend a wide range of performances, discussions, and social forums with the intent of shedding light on artistic processes. Performance at the Light Box is defined by both Corey and Stefanie ‘in the broadest way possible. “

Moving Stories

I help creative explorers who seek support to lead their lives with authenticity and meaning. 


Our attention to sensation and imagery, helps them to connect with their embodied wisdom. 

The work serves to meet emotional, practical, spiritual and artistic needs.

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