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Moving Stories
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Through my somatic education practice, Moving Stories, I hold space for the intersections of body, art, healing, contemplation, and sacred mystery.  


The individuals with whom I facilitate sessions and classes are writers, visual artists, movers, musicians, theater directors, healing artists, clergy, parents, teachers…  each of whose work in the world tasks them with leading lives of authenticity, integrity, courage, and expression.  


I collaborate with them in the process of listening to the requests of their bodies.  We discern the ways in which connection, embodiment, contemplation, and creative practice -- and the rich images and sensations their bodies reveal --  conspire to meet their needs.  


I am floored, each time, at my privilege to support the work that these talented humans do in the world.  I get to see them stand in their truth and purpose.  I get to witness not only their tender process, but that which extends beyond them through their art, communication, relationships, and service. 




I gratefully accept support for this practice as donations toward scholarships so that as wide a range of people can access the work as possible regardless of their means.


I likewise appreciate any donations toward my continuing education to keep my work growing to meet our most current needs;  particularly regarding my commitments to somatic abolitionism — creating antiracist healing at the level of our bodies — grief, activism, ancestral healing, and trauma support.


Finally, I welcome support in the form of social media and marketing work for which I will gladly barter with classes or private sessions.


Thank you!


To contact me:


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