Light Box
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LIGHT BOX PERFORMANCE is a performing arts venue upholding the transformative power of art to enliven community, amplify voices, nourish our bodies and spirits, and build a more just world.

Our artist-run space is dedicated to experimentation in creative expression, education, and community gathering in Detroit.


Since 2014, the space has offered an environment of experimentation and learning with accessibly priced rental options. Through its residency program, all of the artists have provided free or low-cost workshops and presentations, offering the community skills to expand our expression and extend our creative voices.


Light Box Performance is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts organization.  

To make one-time or monthly sustainer tax-deductible donations, please visit our project page at:


Contributions for the charitable purposes of Light Box Performance must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.



Capital Projects:


1. Install an updated roof

2. Update windows

3. Update ventilation system


Build out:


We were honored to have been granted the opportunity to work with Detroit-based architectural firm SDG Associates and to have received a set of detailed mechanical and architectural plans. Once funding is in place we will begin to seek bids from local contractors.  If you would like more information and/or to contribute to these renovations monetarily, through donated materials, and/or through labor, please let us know.

Work that can be done from within the pandemic


We are updating and transitioning the equipment in the space to support small groups of artists to create, rehearse, and livestream their performances.  The following items will help us to do so:

1. Analogue mixer - $600  

2. Additional Audio Equipment: - $1200 
3. A/V Equipment: — $1500 



Have time to give?


We’re always looking for volunteers to do light construction, pull weeds, paint walls, haul things, and to help us seek funding….  We can also always use social media and design support, as well.  Please, let us know if you’ve got the time, energy, and inclination to help!